Steve Polonoski

Investment Advisor
Assistant Branch Manager

Although Stephen has called Kitchener-Waterloo home since 2002, he was born and raised in Toronto where he started his career on Bay Street. Stephen has worked as an Investment Advisor for nearly two decades, with a commitment to providing unbiased investment advice through working for independent firms. Stephen enjoys creating positive client experiences, making decisions together, providing well-rounded knowledge and advice throughout the investment process. Stephen has been known for his strengths in technical analysis, market timing and individual security selection. Combining his experience with a diverse group of clients, and proficiency in technical analysis, his proactive and decisive nature allows him to provide the information and guidance essential to helping investors thrive.

Stephen is trilingual in English, French and Spanish, with two degrees from Lakehead University. After successfully completing his Professional Financial Planning, Derivative, Option and Commodities courses, Stephen completed his Option Supervisor and Branch Manager designations. He has also achieved his Financial Management Advisor designations, and most recently his Portfolio Management Techniques course and Derivatives Market Specialist.

Outside of his career, Stephen enjoys skiing, traveling, martial arts training and spending time with family. He is also the proud owner of an impressive collection of vintage sports cars and motorcycles, and recently earned his Brown Sash in Kung Fu demonstrating perseverance and dedication.

Lisa Polonoski

Associate Investment Advisor

Lisa’s investing experience started at a young age after being introduced to The Wealthy Barber principles by her father. Since partnering with her brother in 2004, she has been known for her strengths in maintaining client relationships and the planning and execution of client total wealth management strategies. She believes her clients benefit most from her attention to detail on asset allocation, transparent investment products and proactive advice from wealth advisors.

Lisa thrives in guiding clients through the discovery process, through to their investment selections and portfolio monitoring. She enjoys the business development side of her practice and conducting second opinion reviews which focus on helping clients transition from mutual funds into more nimble, long term portfolios.

Lisa regularly attends investment conferences focused on entrepreneurial business and new market segments, allowing her to access more opportunities, and to continue strengthening her skills and expertise in the investment industry.

Outside the office, Lisa enjoys mastering her skills in kickboxing, skiing, cycling, and spending time outdoors in Collingwood.

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