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Personal and Corporate Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of strategic, conservative investment advisory services combined with full financial planning leadership to help you turn your goals and dreams into reality. Whether you wish to provide for your children's education, spend your winters traveling, leave an estate to your loved ones, or build a legacy in a tax efficient manner, we can help you to make a lifetime of wise financial choices.

Investment choices. Whether you and your family seek safety and a regular stream of income or more growth-oriented investments to obtain enhanced returns through a more aggressive approach, we can provide you with a wide range of traditional and alternative investment offerings traded throughout the world.

We remain reachable. Our door is always open, but we don't wait for you to come calling. We schedule regular calls or meetings to touch base, in addition to sitting down together at least once a year for a face-to-face meeting to review your investments.

Value and transparency. Depending on your preference, we can charge a single fee based on a percentage of your assets or a commission on every trade made on your account. We believe in absolute transparency regarding our fees, and earn them by providing outstanding service. You will receive frequent updates on holdings and sector weightings so you know precisely what investments you own.

Retirement planning. We will help you address a comprehensive array of financial considerations, taking a holistic approach that considers family, health, lifestyle, and community issues. We conduct a financial check-up, a pension plan assessment, plus a valuation and analysis of your employment retirement package. We'll review and update your current retirement plan, and show you how to generate more tax efficient income.

Insiders and employees of publicly traded companies. We handle routine and complicated transactions. Trading in director or employee stock options is a time-sensitive matter that requires sufficient supporting documentation and approvals from the client and superior execution from your advisory team. We advise clients with confidentiality according to their objectives. We guide them through the entire process: gathering and completing documentation, approvals and funding (cashless exercise), stock transactions, certificate registration, and performing wire transfers, banking, portfolio diversification, and risk management.

Venture capital. We advise a number of international clients involved in the mining industry. Stephen excels in Initial Public Offerings ( IPOs), Capital Pool Corporations (CPC), finance ventures through our corporate finance experts, and syndicate offerings.

Research. We partner with industry-leading research specialists and our inhouse research experts so that our clients receive in-depth coverage on thousands of companies around the globe. 

Investment Choices

Whether you and your family seek safety and a regular stream of income or more growth-oriented investments to obtain enhanced returns, we can provide a wide range of traditional and alternative investments traded throughout the world.

They include:

• Equities and preferred share instruments;

• Fixed income and money market instruments;

• Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs);

• Mutual funds, open and closed;

• Structured products;

• Alternative investments;

• GICs;

• Principal protected notes; and

• Insurance and estate planning solutions through our Tax and Estate Planning team.

Our Solution

We provide non-discretionary advice on our customized client portfolios. With a combined 26 years of experience investing in and utilizing ETF's as our core portfolio product line up, we are in a position to provide you with concise advice to help keep you focused on your investing goals. We will help you pinpoint the proper mix of ETF’s and other securities in your account.